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Gun control
Oct 12, 2016 AT 12:33 AM
The untouched takeout coffee cup perched on the conference table of the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Campaign Committee’s Center City office is the only visible indication of how long US Sen...
Public Safety
Jan 26, 2017 AT 10:30 AM
There is no debate that gun violence – whether gang-related, terrorism-inspired, lone wolf attacks or suicides – must be stopped. It’s the question of how to achieve that goal that has long caused...
Packing a recoil
Apr 26, 2017 AT 8:07 AM
Harrisburg – The Pennsylvania House and Senate this week each passed similar, but different, bills that would allow membership organizations such as the National Rifle Association to sue...
common sense
Oct 10, 2017 AT 5:53 PM
After the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week that left 58 dead – including at least one Pennsylvanian – and over 500 injured, Pennsylvania lawmakers have started the process of introducing...
the next da
Nov 29, 2017 AT 2:57 PM
Today, incoming Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner will join DAs and prosecutors from around the country in Washington, D.C., to sound off on pending federal gun control legislation. But with homicides on...
Capitol Beat
Jan 4, 2018 AT 4:24 PM
A resolution introduced this week by state Sen. Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) urges the U.S. Congress to take action to protect medical marijuana patients who are gun owners or who would like to be gun...