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Show’s Over
Jul 5, 2016 AT 6:52 PM
Officers at the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 8, which handles event work at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, among other venues throughout the area, could be...
Council in Session
Oct 6, 2016 AT 4:59 PM
In a major victory for service worker unions, City Council voted to expand prevailing wage laws to employees or contractors working in “city-subsidized” buildings, like universities and...
Wages of Spin
Feb 8, 2017 AT 8:24 AM
It’s a rare day in Harrisburg when Republicans champion labor protections – doubly so that Democrats in Philadelphia gripe about it. But here we are. SB-241 passed with the unanimous support of...
Mar 2, 2017 AT 5:20 AM
Taking a hard stance on illegal immigration will increase employment opportunities for unemployed African American workers. In 2014, the US Census Department and the Department of Labor reported that...
Let's make a deal
Jun 1, 2017 AT 2:39 PM
Sources confirmed that the PA Senate will convene an unusual Sunday meeting to vote a highly anticipated pension bill out of committee, ahead of a looming budget deadline. Senate President Pro...
punching in
Jan 18, 2018 AT 12:55 AM
At an event in Philadelphia Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf announced he is having his Department of Labor and Industry change regulations relative to overtime work to modernize a system that he called “...