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Council in Session
Jan 27, 2017 AT 6:40 AM
The inaugural Philadelphia City Council session of 2017 reflected a legislative body still shaking off a long winter break. Along with old bills, incipient bits of new business like a plan to hold...
Unreal estate
Aug 15, 2017 AT 8:50 PM
Thomas Citro is so good at navigating Philadelphia’s infamous bureaucracy, he’s made a living off of it. He bills himself as an “expediter,” a classically Philly profession that helps developers cut...
Dwell and Good
Nov 30, 2017 AT 12:55 PM
The New Kensington Community Development Corporation has finished leasing its affordable housing units at the Orinoka Civic House, ending a months-long tenant search that was hindered by both...
Property damages
Mar 8, 2018 AT 6:41 PM
The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority is mulling whether to forgive some $1 million in back interest and penalties owed by several companies linked to a former nonprofit executive who...
Property damages
Mar 19, 2018 AT 12:37 AM
A Philadelphia city agency is moving to take back hundreds of affordable housing units stuck in limbo by the scandalous breakup of a nonprofit nearly 10 years ago that is, improbably, still playing...