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Labor Pains
Aug 5, 2016 AT 1:31 PM
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney just wanted to talk about Free Philly Streets, a new Streets Department initiative that would close 7 miles of city roads to auto traffic for five hours on Sept. 24, a...
Election 2016
Oct 28, 2016 AT 1:40 PM
On a sunny, unseasonably warm Saturday recently, Arlena Hill’s neighbors were relaxing around their barbecues. But Hill, a 55-year-old nurse and union organizer from Pittsburgh, put on her...
Let's make a deal
Jul 27, 2017 AT 8:14 AM
Residents in West Philadelphia were livid when they learned in April that the two police officers who had mistakenly shot and critically injured a black delivery man, Philippe Holland, in 2014, were...
let's make a deal
Aug 15, 2017 AT 11:10 PM
After a month of hushed negotiations, Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration has reached a new three-year contract with the Philadelphia police union. In a press release Tuesday, the administration...
rending asunder
Feb 21, 2018 AT 11:50 PM
Speaking at Cornell Ghee’s funeral was one of the hardest things Omar Salaam ever did. Ghee was one of Salaam’s early mentors when he came into the world of municipal sanitation as a young man from...