The blood is still drying on the electoral battlefield after Philadelphia’s Democratic DA primary, but the victor may already be extending a hand to the vanquished.

Word on the street was that Democratic nominee Larry Krasner could be eying up some of his former opponents for a top slot in his DA’s Office – assuming he clinches a general election fight against Republican Beth Grossman. 

Ben Waxman, a spokesman for the Krasner campaign, said the former defense attorney wasn't discussing staff picks with anyone until he clinched that election. But he added that, if Krasner wins, he wouldn't rule out hiring his former opponents.

“He’s not been elected to anything. It would be super-inappropriate to discuss anything involving personnel. But it’s a big and talented field of people. They have a lot of experience,” he said, of Krasner's former DA contenders. “Krasner is certainly keenly aware of that. He spent a lot of time with these folks at forums.”

Other confidants said that such consideration would, of course, be contingent on bested candidates lining up behind Krasner's candidacy in the general. 

Two sources said they’d heard Joe Khan’s name tossed around as a possible deputy pick, theorizing that a tough former prosecutor could provide welcome street cred for a candidate whose progressive message and lack of prosecutorial experience has drawn barbs from within the DA’s office.

“If you wanted to dampen down some of the criticisms, you would pick a guy like Khan...maybe O’Neill,” one source speculated. Both men are former ADAs, but Waxman said neither man had been approached by the campaign.

While Krasner’s people may be feeling magnanimous in the wake of a strong win, not all his opponents may not share that bonhomie. Sources close to Rich Negrín, who ran with the police union’s endorsement, said it was unlikely the former managing director would consider taking a post under Krasner.