WEATHER: Philadelphia, mostly sunny/windy, high of 46; Harrisburg, partly cloudy, high of 44; Pittsburgh, cloudy, high of 37.


* Despite his retirement from Congress and the convictions of some of his advisers, Bob Brady continues to be the dominant force in Philly’s Democratic Party, the Inquirer writes.

* A feud between two Northeast Philly Democrats, PA Rep. Kevin Boyle and PA Sen. John Sabatina Jr., has ramped up thanks to a salacious allegation and a defamation lawsuit, the Inquirer reports.

* Philadelphia voters aged 18 to 34 turned out for last month’s election at a rate 111 percent higher than they did in 2014 – the fourth election in a row that the demographic showed an increase, WHYY reports.

* PA AG Josh Shapiro filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over its continued efforts to limit access to birth control under the Affordable Care Act, the Inquirer reports.

* Following the success of last week’s statewide naloxone giveaway, plans are underway to hold more such events, WITF reports.

* A new report finds that state prosecutors have had more to do with the decline in the state’s death sentence rate than Gov. Tom Wolf’s moratorium on the death penalty, WHYY writes.

* Philly DA Larry Krasner and US Attorney William M. McSwain verbally jousted with each other over what McSwain derided as Krasner’s “sweetheart deal for a violent defendant” in the case of a man who killed a deli owner with an AK-47, the Inquirer reports.

The PA Post has an explainer on how a “red flag” law works to get firearms taken away from someone deemed an extreme risk and how the effort to get such a law passed in PA is going.


* The Inquirer cites a new report showing that Philadelphia’s broadband penetration rate is a full 12 points lower than the national average – one of the lowest of the 25 largest cities in the US – as an ironic, unfortunate development for the home of Comcast and one that highlights how the city is failing its residents.

* The Citizen recounts how the controversy surrounding Philadelphia City Commissioner Anthony Clark three years ago has led to the candidacies of two reformers for the row office in next year’s election.

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12 p.m. - Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney will deliver remarks at an event highlighting the work of the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to improve the quality of life for children with asthma and their families by providing home remediation and repairs in West Philadelphia. Mayor's Reception Room, Room 202, City Hall Philadelphia.

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KICKER: “I think the DA has more and more over the past year shown his true colors. He unfortunately seems wholly unconcerned about providing justice to victims. He seems preoccupied with advocating for defendants.” US Attorney William M. McSwain gently explains why he doesn’t agree with Philly DA Larry Krasner’s job performance. From the Inquirer.