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Brock McCleary
The Percentages
Apr 28, 2016 AT 2:02 PM
“The consent of the governed.” These five pivotal words in the Declaration of Independence contain the very core of how American government functions. They also provide the raison d’etre for those...
Favorable judgment
Jun 13, 2016 AT 6:02 PM
Gov. Tom Wolf appointed PA Superior Court Justice Sallie Mundy to the state Supreme Court, filling a vacancy left by J. Michael Eakin in the wake of the “Porngate” scandal. The...
You're Flagged
Jun 15, 2016 AT 2:38 PM
State Rep. Jordan Harris ( D-Philadelphia) said that, contrary to earlier reports, there were not one, but two Confederate flags hung in the state capitol yesterday. "There were two...
Sign o' the times
Jul 21, 2016 AT 1:53 PM
While some Republicans in the state fret about their association with Donald Trump – even skipping the Republican National Convention altogether to avoid affiliation-by-osmosis – PA Sen....
Runup to 2018
Dec 2, 2016 AT 4:14 PM
Fresh off an historic electoral victory, prominent Republicans are already painting a target on Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Casey in the 2018 election. The man they have been talking up to take out...
Let's make a deal
Jun 1, 2017 AT 2:39 PM
Sources confirmed that the PA Senate will convene an unusual Sunday meeting to vote a highly anticipated pension bill out of committee, ahead of a looming budget deadline. Senate President Pro...
Riled Elephant
Apr 27, 2018 AT 3:48 PM
In a sharply worded letter sent to members of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio pushed back against what he called “nonsense and fake news in (a) misguided article”...