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100 Days Out Block Party
Countdown to the DNC
Apr 24, 2016 AT 2:38 PM
In 100 days, the Rev. Leah Daughtry will welcome more than 50,000 people to Philadelphia for the four-day Democratic National Convention. Earlier this month she was in the DNC’s Center City office...
First 100 Days
Apr 24, 2016 AT 11:10 PM
Walking out of his new office on the second floor of the northeast corner of City Hall, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says he hates “100 Days” retrospectives. “It’s so...
2nd Congressional District candidates
2nd District Drama
Apr 28, 2016 AT 4:02 PM
On a typically hot Tuesday afternoon in mid-August, the wheels were suddenly set into motion to make Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District race competitive for the first time in two decades....
Independence Hall, PA
Next Stop: 1776
May 13, 2016 AT 3:58 PM
Tour guide Ed Mauger paused as he looked for the best way to exit the site where the Philadelphia home of George Washington once stood. He’d almost made a right turn, but stopped himself just in time...
Al Taubenberger
Communications Breakdown
May 19, 2016 AT 4:32 PM
On May 17, longtime communications consultant Frank Keel said he’s “proud to be assisting Councilman [Al] Taubenberger with external communications.” He should have been proud – if true, he would be...
Councilman Allan Domb
Row office row
May 19, 2016 AT 4:42 PM
In between calls to collect delinquent property taxes, Philadelphia City Councilman Allan Domb has apparently been thinking about what to do with the troubled Office of City Commissioners, which...
Legislative Aid
May 20, 2016 AT 12:19 AM
Philadelphia is missing $36 million. At least, that’s the contention of City Councilwoman Cindy Bass, in the most recent addition to the growing chorus of voices clashing over Mayor Jim Kenney’s...
Free Drinks
May 20, 2016 AT 3:48 PM
Councilwoman Cindy Bass elicited a chorus of agreement from her colleagues yesterday when she said shoddy liquor license enforcement – which she called an “honor system” – had led to as much as $36...
Legislative Aid
May 26, 2016 AT 2:36 PM
In a packed Philadelphia City Council session complete with some members visibly itching to get down the shore, lawmakers considered a raft of bills, including crucial 2016-17 budget legislation. A...
A house united
May 27, 2016 AT 4:41 PM
Philadelphia City Council appointed deputy housing director Fred Purnell to the board of the Philadelphia Housing Authority on Thursday, drawing attention to his rocky affordable housing...