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Allegheny County is moving ahead with special elections for vacant state House seats

A spokesperson said the county will hold elections in February barring any court decisions.

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Cutler is sworn in as GOP leader in latest chapter of House leadership struggle

Cutler said he will schedule special elections for vacant seats – McClinton said she would do that last week.

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Legislative agency says Democrats lack a majority in the Pennsylvania House

House GOP leader Bryan Cutler's office sought an opinion from the Legislative Reference Bureau.

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Tug of war for control of state House intensifies

Democrats say precedent makes Joanna McClinton the chamber’s presiding officer, but GOP leaders are accusing Democrats of an improper power grab.

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House Republicans end session with new leaders and a bone to pick with Democrats

Republicans chose new party leaders for the first time since losing their majority in the midterms.

January 6

Cutler tells Jan. 6 panel he felt post-election calls from Trump lawyers were ‘inappropriate’

Committee hearing examined efforts to pressure state lawmakers and election officials

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