Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke and Councilmember Cindy Bass are 45 days late in filing their annual campaign finance reports, violating state election codes.

The Philadelphia City Commissioners’ office, which oversees local elections, acknowledged that neither official’s campaign had filed a required annual report summarizing political fundraising and expenditures. Both will be fined $250.

State codes require that elected officials and PACs file annual reports by Jan. 31.

When contacted by City&State, Clarke’s campaign finance chair, Charles Gibbs, said the report would be submitted “soon.”

“It is my responsibility to ensure the filing of the report. The delay in filing with the local board of elections is due to my clerical oversight and it will be rectified immediately,” he said. “With the filing of the report, I will be paying any applicable late fees.”

Bass’ office blamed a "personnel change" for the delay.

"It should be filed today or Monday," Bass said, on Friday. "We obviously never want to have this happen and we will fix it." 

The Commissioners’ office said Clarke and Bass were the only elected officials who had yet to file annual reports.