Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate drops to 4.1% in September

The state unemployment rate is at its lowest level since April 2000.

Capitol Beat

City & State explores the potential for high school athletes selling their name, image and likeness (NIL)

As the PIAA considers a new policy for these athletes, experts question the legality and purpose of the proposal.


State Senate panel unanimously approves ballot security legislation

The legislation would require counties to adopt specific safeguards for the transportation of ballots.

Campaigns & Elections

Can Pennsylvania erase property taxes without wiping out education?

The long, difficult and ongoing quest to reduce property taxes in Pennsylvania: A City & State analysis.

Criminal Justice

The push to compensate those who were wrongfully convicted gets a bipartisan backing in Harrisburg

New bill would award damages to individuals based on the number of years they spent incarcerated.

News & Politics

Following Biden’s actions on marijuana, Wolf says he can’t issue unilateral pardons

Wolf’s office touted a recent initiative seeking to expedite pardons for people with marijuana convictions.


Legal challenges to RGGI are keeping millions in carbon allowances from flowing to Pennsylvania

According to a September report, the third carbon-allowance auction of 2022 generated more than $301 million in revenue for reinvestment.


Jim Kenney’s ban on guns in parks, rec centers criticized as ‘meaningless’ amid state’s firearms laws

Even those with permits to carry could be charged with trespassing – or worse – if caught with guns in city parks.


Inside Pennsylvania’s proposed ‘Parental Bill of Rights,’ which critics are calling homophobic

The legislation would place limits on teachings of sexual orientation and gender identity in younger grades.

Criminal Justice

Wolf’s Marijuana Pardon Project seeks to reduce recidivism, grant second chances

Clean Slate advocates and lawmakers are pushing for criminal justice reform, improving paths for re-entry after incarceration.

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Criminal Justice

Two children per classroom will lose a parent or sibling before age 18, experts say

State panel reports gun violence, overdoses and suicide are affecting children and youth more than ever before.


Wolf’s new executive order on voter registration, explained

Voter registration applications will now be available at more state facilities.

News & Politics

Progressive think tank offers blueprint for ‘shared prosperity’ in Pennsylvania

The Keystone Research Center released its “State of Working Pennsylvania” report on Tuesday


Lindsey Williams calls for universal free school meals as pandemic-era meals provision ends

Williams is introducing legislation that would provide free school meals to all public school students.


The ‘Trojan Horse’ and the workforce: Job threats are focus of discussion during House hearing on cybersecurity

State Government Committee hears testimony from experts on the threats facing local and state governments in the commonwealth.


Wolf signs executive order discouraging use of conversion therapy

Wolf says order is ‘the best I can do’ without broader legislation

Campaigns & Elections

Independent voters make a case before state committee for inclusion in primary elections

Legislation to allow unaffiliated voters to participate in primary elections has gained more bipartisan support in Harrisburg.