Affordable broadband is just a starting point

In an op-ed, state Rep. Michael Sturla argued for the expansion of Joe Biden’s Affordable Connectivity Program


Now is the time to equitably fund Pennsylvania’s education system

In an op-ed, state Rep. Ben Sanchez addresses what he calls an ‘injustice’ within the state legislature when it comes to school funding.

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The overturning of Roe is just the beginning – LGBTQ+ rights could be next

As Pride Month comes to a close, a reminder to always fight for what is right.


On his birthday, reflecting on the legacy of Gov. Milton Shapp

In an op-ed, Ari Mittleman remembers the 40th governor of Pennsylvania as an optimist, innovator and bold policymaker.

From the Editor

Editor’s Note: Trump’s meddling in Pennsylvania’s election demands a redress

The mountain of evidence against the former president and allies needs to be met with an indictment.

Voting Rights

The misguided partisan focus on election proposals

In an op-ed, Make the Road PA’s Diana Robinson argues for greater access to the ballot box.

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Editor’s Note: Unchecked gun violence in Philly will continue as long as there is a lack of leadership

The result is a perpetual state of lawlessness exacerbated by officials failing to enforce existing laws.


Regardless of what happens in November, an overhaul of the Pennsylvania GOP is long overdue

If dozens of candidates can flood the primary and split the vote for the Senate and governor, what's the point of having a state Republican Party?

Reproductive Rights

We’ve seen firsthand that to defend reproductive rights and protect our freedoms, we need a Democratic governor

In op-ed, Democratic state legislators slam Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, calling him a dangerous conspiracy theorist.


Editor’s Note: Remembering when marriage equality became a reality

June is Pride month and wedding bells will soon be ringing for same-sex couples.

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From the Editor

Editor’s Note: It may be time to rethink the role of the independent voter in primary elections

We ought to respect the unaffiliated voter’s choice to refuse to just ‘pick a team’


Celebrate sport, embrace competition, practice empathy and stop attacking transgender athletes

State Reps. Maureen Madden and Ben Sanchez argue for the inclusion of transgender athletes in school sports


Pennsylvania Democrats are working to lower costs while Republicans push tax hikes

Commentary: An argument for why Pennsylvanians should vote Democrat in the next election.

From the Editor

Editor’s Note: Some thoughts on Conor Lamb

And why first impressions can be deceiving