Keeping kids in the community improves public safety

Passage of a Senate bill addressing juvenile justice reform is critical to creating a just system.

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Editor’s Note: What happens when the levies break homeowners

An argument for seriously considering doing something about the dreaded property tax.

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The crisis with Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Pennsylvania

‘We must take measures to safeguard abortion access and reproductive health services at the statewide level.’

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GOP candidates’ implausible deniability

Whether through honest ignorance or craven opportunism, election-deniers are lying to you.


Some solutions for a better, safer Philadelphia

Philadelphia mayoral hopeful Allan Domb vows to make public safety his top priority.

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How the power of a meme can change minds.

A little Labor Day social experiment proved what I already suspected about social media and the next election.

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Editor’s Note: The bittersweet essence of September

How Holly McCaffrey’s story might serve as inspiration for kids starting up school again.


We’re in a recession – despite any rosy indicators

Much of this ‘good news’ is simply that the economy isn’t as bad as it was.


Ski masks have got to go: Philadelphia City Council should ban them now

‘The government has a vested interest in ensuring the safety of every citizen. So, this is necessary.’


Opportunity awaits as Philadelphia City Council members resign to run for mayor

Allan Domb resigned Monday to explore a bid for mayor. His and other members’ impending vacancies need to be taken seriously.

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Editor’s Note: Let the story of the 4,000 beagles be a cautionary tale for Pennsylvania

It’s time to change the revenue structure for Dog Laws so officials can catch the bad guys sooner.


A suggestion on restoring impartiality and objectivity to election administration

In an op-ed, two Republican state representatives argue for election reforms in the commonwealth.


Poor energy policy is hurting Americans

In an op-ed, Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons argues for the expansion of oil and gas production in Pennsylvania.

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Editor’s Note: Life lessons from a distant relative on doing what is right

What I uncovered about Elizabeth Willis DeHuff, author, painter and patron of Native American art in the Southwest.


Affordable broadband is just a starting point

In an op-ed, state Rep. Michael Sturla argued for the expansion of Joe Biden’s Affordable Connectivity Program


Now is the time to equitably fund Pennsylvania’s education system

In an op-ed, state Rep. Ben Sanchez addresses what he calls an ‘injustice’ within the state legislature when it comes to school funding.

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The overturning of Roe is just the beginning – LGBTQ+ rights could be next

As Pride Month comes to a close, a reminder to always fight for what is right.