20/24 vision: How the last presidential election is influencing the next one

Democratic and Republicans strategists from around the state weigh in on what it will take to win next year.

Health Care

Nurses needed now: Solutions to a long-running staffing crisis have been hard to come by.

Hospitals and nursing homes hope turnover in Harrisburg means change for the struggling industry.

News & Politics

Josh Shapiro says his education spending plan will give kids ‘a fair shot’

Shapiro’s visit to Allegheny County on Tuesday marks the second stop on a statewide tour.

News & Politics

A guide to the gatekeepers: Here's who’s running the most powerful committees in Harrisburg

City & State has put together a list of all the committee chairs in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.


Public school advocates warn lawmakers: ‘Don’t stall;’ fix the broken system now

Following the major court ruling regarding the state’s school funding system, lawmakers have some complicated equations to solve.


5 times Darrell Clarke clashed with Jim Kenney on policy

The longstanding Philadelphia City Council president announced Thursday he will not seek reelection.


How Mark Rozzi has shaken up Harrisburg’s halls of power: A City & State analysis

We take a look back at one of the most head-spinning weeks in recent memory.

Campaigns & Elections

Here are Harrisburg’s closest House and Senate races to watch on Tuesday

City & State highlights how new legislative districts could play a role in deciding the 2023 General Assembly.


Ask not for whom the bell polls

What having election deniers on this year’s ballot means for November and beyond.

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Here is your Assembly Age-Appropriate Analysis

This generational breakdown of the state legislature is one for the ages.


State lawmakers praised this year’s budget as historic. Here’s what’s in it.

This year’s state budget includes more cash for education, a business tax cut and some changes to the state’s election laws.

General Assembly

How a bill becomes a brawl: The fight over the changes needed to the legislative process

City & State takes an inside look at how Harrisburg pols want to rework the way laws are enacted in Pennsylvania


How Philly’s ward system works and doesn’t work – and what is being done to change it

City & State spoke with experts who offered a glimpse into this complex electoral process.

Health Care

Ask the experts: Gender-affirming care explained

Transgender health care specialists discuss this practice and the threats facing the field and its vulnerable patients.


Voter registration update: PA GOP further narrows Dems’ registration edge

If voting registration figures are a lagging indicator of partisan enthusiasm, then Republicans are heading into the state’s primaries with a major head of steam.

Campaigns & Elections

Conor Lamb’s mission is to remake the Senate Democratic primary

In this race, the battle-tested congressman tries to convince voters he can turn Pat Toomey’s U.S. Senate seat blue