In a hastily arranged press conference this morning, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced that he would not stand for re-election.

Citing numerous factors relating to his repeated ethical missteps, Williams spent the roughly 10 minutes of the presser alternating between accepting responsibility for his actions, thanking his family for their support and the people of Philadelphia for the opportunity to serve and citing the American Dream.

His voice appearing to break at times, Williams acknowledged that his actions had made it impossible for him to successfully run for re-election.

"My decision to accept gifts and failure to report them brought much embarrassment and shame and adverse publicity to me and, unfortunately, to the office which I love," he said. "My poor judgment caused distractions, which made the already difficult job of my assistants and critical staff even more challenging, and raised doubt in the minds of citizens in regard to my character and fitness to serve. To those who have served, to those who serve today, and to those who will serve in the future, I offer my deepest and most sincere apologies."

As he closed the thin black folder containing his prepared remarks and his future as DA, Williams quickly walked out of the conference room, ignoring repeated requests for comment and clarification.

While no official reason was given for the timing of Williams' announcement, multiple sources have told City & State PA that an indictment from a federal grand jury investigating his Second Chance charitable foundation is imminent, anywhere from later today to the next few weeks.