Why, hello, there! How are you? Anything interesting going on today in your world? Nope, nothing much of note happening here, either. Just your typical, run-of-the-mill quadrennially significant Jan. 20.

Well, since nothing else is going on today, may as well get to …



Josh Shapiro and Joe Torsella: the commonwealth’s newly sworn-in attorney general and treasurer, respectively, take over offices that are in dire need of a decisive reset following scandals that did in their predecessors.

Jim Kenney: Philly’s mayor had a productive week that included a number of appearances at the annual US Conference of Mayors, coming out in support of a ban on the widely discredited practice of “gay conversion therapy” and standing up to Comcast’s threatened suit over legislation that would address wage discrimination in the city.

Christopher McGinley: Marking the second consecutive week that Temple lands a W, the professor at the school’s College of Education was chosen by Mayor Kenney to serve on the city’s School Reform Commission.



Seth Williams: That didn’t take long. After sticking the W last week for a providentially fractured field in his re-election bid, the Philly DA takes another L for being the recipient of a record-setting fine from the Philadelphia Board of Ethics and for being the subject of a billboard/lawn sign campaign by a Fraternal Order of Police eager to see a change at 3 Penn Square.

Dwight Evans: the freshman Congressman got an early wake-up call to the unforgiving nature of the national stage during an on-air dustup with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who took Evans to task for not familiarizing himself with President Donald Trump’s “Plan for Black America.”

Rich Fitzgerald: The Allegheny County Executive was forced to walk back his comments that the Allegheny County Jail’s inmate population was “the lowest it’s been since the jail opened”; in fact, it has increased 70 percent in the past 20 years. The timing of his comments was especially bad, considering the state’s plans to close two prisons this year.