Report: Pennsylvania ranked fourth nationally in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020

The southwestern region of the state accounts for nearly half of the commonwealth’s pollution

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5 things you may have missed in Harrisburg this week

From Gov. Josh Shapiro signing his first bill to a flurry of action in the House and Senate, there was a lot that went down this week.

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Josh Shapiro signs bill eliminating out-of-pocket costs for some breast cancer screenings

The new law will require insurers to cover one breast screening per year for women at a high risk for cancer.

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Josh Shapiro announces support for Fairness Act

The Democratic governor said Wednesday that it is “long past time” to pass nondiscrimination protections for the LGBTQ community.

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Lawmakers want colleagues to take a chance on skill games

Proponents say regulating games of skill could raise $300 million annually.

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State House gets closer to realizing mail-in ballot and pre-canvassing reforms

The bill that would allow more time for elections officials to count mail-in ballots now heads to the House chamber for a vote.


Incomplete assignment: PASSHE officials delay action on tuition rates

The university system’s board of governors decided to wait until after the state budget is completed to vote on setting tuition rates.

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Is Pennsylvania any closer to having legal weed?

The commonwealth continues to lag behind its neighbors in cashing in on legalized recreational marijuana.

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Pennsylvania sees big drop in housing project permit approvals

The slowdown could impact state and city efforts to increase the number of affordable homes.

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Shapiro puts ‘tranq’ on the controlled substances list

The governor also reaffirmed his opposition to safe injection sites.

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Marriage equality measure gets a bipartisan backing with new bill; Dems give a renewed push for the Fairness Act

The LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus wants to codify marriage equality and anti-discrimination language into state law.


The ‘swatting’ threats against Pennsylvania schools, explained

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating false reports of violence that were called into 911 centers on March 29.

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Is your TikTok account hiding enemies of the state? How do you know?

Some lawmakers are trying to ban the app from government-owned devices, a move experts say will strengthen cybersecurity.


‘We need to redouble our efforts’: Josh Shapiro renews his fight against the bird flu

The governor and Sen. Scott Martin met with farmers to discuss the latest measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

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Nurses needed now: Solutions to a long-running staffing crisis have been hard to come by.

Hospitals and nursing homes hope turnover in Harrisburg means change for the struggling industry.


Pennsylvania joins several other states in pushing for universal free breakfasts for kids

Lawmakers nationwide are passing bills that would make free school meals permanent following the end of a federal pandemic-era program.

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East Palestine was ‘H.G. Wells War of the Worlds stuff’

The February train crash along the Pennsylvania-Ohio border has people worried about their health and the future of their communities.