Capitol Beat

Changes to Pennsylvania’s corporate tax rate could be coming. Here’s what you need to know.

Lawmakers are looking to cut the state’s Corporate Net Income Tax and could soon reach a resolution.

Capitol Beat

Wolf, lawmakers call for action on stalled gun law reforms

Republicans say some prosecutors in the state are failing to enforce current laws


The learning curveball: Officials at PASSHE have embarked on a groundbreaking – and fraught – quest to redesign the system.

The State System is hoping lawmakers will approve a historic funding request for the university system this year


Pennsylvania set to publish final carbon pricing regulation

The commonwealth would become the first major fossil fuel-producing state to enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Health Care

‘We are on high alert’: State identifies ‘highly infectious’ bird flu case in Lancaster County

Agriculture secretary says flu cases currently present no threat to public health.

News & Politics

Dave White and Bill McSwain trade barbs as governor’s race intensifies

Trump statement sets off fued between the two southeastern Pennsylvania candidates

News & Politics

New Pew poll shows 30% increase in Philly residents concerned about crime

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ new 2022 Philadelphia citywide poll found that 70% of the city’s residents think crime, drugs and public safety are the biggest issues facing the city.

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