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What is Gab? A look at the far-right social media platform backing Doug Mastriano

Gab has been called a haven for hate speech and white supremacists.

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court upholds mail-in voting law

The state’s high court says the 2019 law does not violate the state constitution.

Veteran Affairs

Toomey faces heat from Jon Stewart, veterans over burn pit legislation

The legislation would have expanded health care benefits for veterans exposed to toxic material

Campaigns & Elections

Josh Shapiro outlines his plans for Pennsylvania’s economic future

The Democratic nominee for governor is promising to cut business taxes and increase use of renewable energy.

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PA’s Fitzpatrick votes with Dems on bill guaranteeing contraception access

Eight Republicans, including Fitzpatrick, voted to approve the bill.

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Oz picks up endorsement from Nikki Haley

Haley said Oz is a ‘conservative leader’ who will take on progressives in Washington.


Sixers unveil plans for new Center City arena to mixed reactions from fans and local officials

The proposed $1.3 billion facility would require demolishing one block of the Fashion District on Market East.

Campaigns & Elections

Five Pennsylvania state Senate races to watch

Several races in the November election could decide the fate of the General Assembly under a new administration

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Mastriano, Ellis, attack Davis over 11-year-old tweets

Social media posts – and platforms themselves – have become part of attacks in the state’s midterm race for governor and lieutenant governor.

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Charlie Dent and other former GOP officials endorse Josh Shapiro for governor

Dent says Shapiro’s opponent, Doug Mastriano, is ‘a threat to the rule of law and the constitutional order.’

Campaigns & Elections

Making the case for second place: Ranked-choice voting explained

Proponents of this system of voting in Pennsylvania are trying to make some headway. Here are a few of their ideas.


UPDATE: Kenney’s comments following Fourth of July shooting spark outrage among local officials

Some City Council members have called for the mayor’s resignation. Kenney sought to clarify his comments Wednesday afternoon.

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Lawmakers send bill reforming fireworks law to Gov. Wolf

The legislation would give municipalities the power to regulate when fireworks can be used.