How Mark Rozzi has shaken up Harrisburg’s halls of power: A City & State analysis

We take a look back at one of the most head-spinning weeks in recent memory.

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Editor’s Note: It’s not too late for Mark Rozzi to keep his promises to the people

With the start of a new year, the powerful in Pennsylvania still have a chance to change.

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Josh Shapiro picks Al Schmidt as secretary of state

Schmidt said he will work with anyone – regardless of party - to make sure elections ‘remain free and fair.’


How Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation voted for a new House speaker

It was mostly Hakeem Jeffries vs. Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday from Pennsylvania’s members of Congress.

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What to know about Mark Rozzi, Pennsylvania’s new House speaker

The Democrat-turned-Independent will lead a divided state House.

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State House shocker: Rozzi to lead chamber

The Berks County Democrat-turned-Independent said he would put people above politics as speaker.

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The candidates running to run Allegheny County

A handful of Democratic candidates have entered the race to replace Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

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2022: The Year in Review

City & State takes a look back at the major headlines from this year.

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Allegheny County is moving ahead with special elections for vacant state House seats

A spokesperson said the county will hold elections in February barring any court decisions.

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Cutler is sworn in as GOP leader in latest chapter of House leadership struggle

Cutler said he will schedule special elections for vacant seats – McClinton said she would do that last week.

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Legislative agency says Democrats lack a majority in the Pennsylvania House

House GOP leader Bryan Cutler's office sought an opinion from the Legislative Reference Bureau.

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Tug of war for control of state House intensifies

Democrats say precedent makes Joanna McClinton the chamber’s presiding officer, but GOP leaders are accusing Democrats of an improper power grab.

Campaigns & Elections

Patriot Polling, the brainchild of teenagers, is making its mark on the political surveying landscape

How two high school students formed their own polling firm and captured the eye of the nation’s polling pros.

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House Republicans end session with new leaders and a bone to pick with Democrats

Republicans chose new party leaders for the first time since losing their majority in the midterms.

Campaigns & Elections

PA House Democrats secure majority with Todd Stephens’ concession

Democrat Melissa Cerrato will represent the 151st House District in Harrisburg.

Campaigns & Elections

How ten-sided dice play into Pennsylvania’s post-election audit

Department of State officials rolled ten-sided dice to generate a seed number needed for a post-election audit.

Campaigns & Elections

Shapiro begins gubernatorial transition

The Democratic governor-elect announced three transition appointments and shed light on his future as attorney general.