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A guide to understanding political polls.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Austin Davis

The Democratic lieutenant governor nominee is gearing up for one of the midterm election’s marquee races.


A Q&A with John J. Dougherty

The longtime labor leader and controversial kingmaker reflects on what it took to get to the top – and where he goes from here.

Interviews & Profiles

‘A one-stop shop for home repairs:’ Nikil Saval talks up Dems’ $125M new program

Saval’s Whole-Home Repairs Program was included in this year’s state budget.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with House Agriculture Committee Executive Director Kerry Golden

Agriculture is so much more than growing crops and rearing animals.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Doug Mastriano’s running mate Carrie Lewis DelRosso

The GOP nominee for lieutenant governor talks with City & State about her first bid for statewide office.

Interviews & Profiles

Working behind the scenes: A Q&A with attorney Adam Bonin

The Philly lawyer talks about his work in election law and the likelihood of major lawsuits in 2022.

Interviews & Profiles

Jim Kenney opens up about his proudest moments in office – and his biggest mistakes

In an exclusive interview, Philly’s mayor talks soda tax, gun violence, COVID-19 and his plans for the future.

Economic Development

A Q&A with Zach Wilcha of the Independence Business Alliance

Wilcha, also a chamber of commerce leader, explains how Philly and the state can better support businesses within the LGBTQ community.


Exit Interviews: Part 5: Fred Keller, The Builder

First elected to office in 2011, Keller spent more than 25 years in the manufacturing industry.

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Interviews & Profiles

Exit Interviews Part 4: Mike Doyle, The Dean

First elected to office in 1994, Doyle is often referred to as ‘The Dean’ in the General Assembly

Interviews & Profiles

Exit Interviews Part 3: Jake Corman, The Leader

First elected in 1999, the state Senate President quit the governor’s race and soon will leave public office altogether


Exit Interviews Part 2: Tom Wolf, The Backstop

Wolf’s veto pen has often been the only thing stopping bills passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Pennsylvania Health Care Association President and CEO Zach Shamberg

This long-term care advocate says workforce shortage threatens access to care for aging residents

Campaigns & Elections

A Q&A with Republican lieutenant governor candidate Clarice Schillinger

Schillinger plans to use her political background to push reforms as lieutenant governor


Meet four Pittsburgh residents changing the city through media, art and activism

Pittsburgh natives and transplants alike are making an impact in the Steel City