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Jim Kenney’s ban on guns in parks, rec centers criticized as ‘meaningless’ amid state’s firearms laws

Even those with permits to carry could be charged with trespassing – or worse – if caught with guns in city parks.


Inside Pennsylvania’s proposed ‘Parental Bill of Rights,’ which critics are calling homophobic

The legislation would place limits on teachings of sexual orientation and gender identity in younger grades.

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Oz releases medical records as health becomes focus of U.S. Senate race

A letter from a New York doctor said Oz has elevated cholesterol levels but is in ‘overall excellent health.’

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Posting their way to power: How PA politicos are using social media to boost their brands.

This new trend in political campaigns is changing the game – for better or for worse.

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‘What a difference a year makes:’ More than 5,000 attend first Pennsylvania March for Life since Supreme Court ruling

Meanwhile, Democrats introduced legislation Monday seeking to protect and expand abortion access.

From the Editor

How the power of a meme can change minds.

A little Labor Day social experiment proved what I already suspected about social media and the next election.


The debate over debates: Oz, Fetterman continue to feud over details

Both candidates have outlined conditions they want in their first meeting.

Campaigns & Elections

State election officials offer glimpse into midterm preparations

The House State Government Committee held a hearing on election administration on Wednesday.


‘They are coming after you’: GOP lawmakers vow to defend gun rights at annual rally

The 17th Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms rally featured Second Amendment advocates from across Pennsylvania.

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Coffee shops have become the most buzzworthy unionizing battleground

City & State explores what’s behind the worker-led drive to unionize at Starbucks and similar places in Pennsylvania.


Angela Ferritto, Mark Lynch: These are the fresh faces on the front lines

The state’s top unions have welcomed a new generation of leaders in the midst of a youth movement in unionization: A City & State analysis.


Wolf’s new executive order on voter registration, explained

Voter registration applications will now be available at more state facilities.

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PA education leaders reveal which teachers helped set them up for success

City & State walks lawmakers and advocates down memory lane in celebration of the new school year.

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Pat Toomey backs Dr. Oz in criticizing John Fetterman for dodging debate

Fetterman said his physician reassured him he should be able to serve in the Senate ‘without a problem’ as long as he takes his recovery seriously.

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Biden renews call to ‘battle for the soul of the nation’ in Philadelphia speech

His second of three visits to the commonwealth this week focused on defending democracy.