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Editor’s Note: Making the argument for more newsworthy political debates

Debates offer an opportunity for candidates to distinguish themselves; but most Philly mayoral hopefuls seem to tow the same line.

From the Editor

Editor's Note: The Temple graduate student strike exposes educational fault lines

This has proven to be the most contentious and fractured fight in the union’s 30-year history.

From the Editor

Editor’s Note: Philadelphia could use a lesson in school board transparency

A mayor-appointed BOE gives the impression that board members are beholden to the mayor and his interests.

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Opinion: State laws can prevent tragedies without penalizing responsible gun owners.

Gun violence has permeated so much of our society that we are becoming numb to it.


Say hello to City & State PA’s 2023 Advisory Board

This 16-person panel helps us select our power lists.

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Passing voter ID can help restore trust in elections

An argument for why lawmakers owe it to their constituents to put the voter ID amendment on the ballot.

Satire/Odd News

2023 & Me: Fake ‘family’ connections we wish were the real deal

We shook the state’s political family tree and came up with some fanciful findings.

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Philadelphia mayoral candidates: Listen to the city’s Muslim community

It’s a solid voting bloc capable of wielding great influence this election cycle.

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Editor’s Note: Looking back, looking forward

A 2022 to remember – and build on in the coming year.

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Supreme Court case on state legislatures could have ‘devastating consequences’

This week the nation’s high court will hear Moore v. Harper, a case examining independent state legislature theory.

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From the Editor

Editor’s Note: What Jim Kenney can learn from Eric Adams

If Philly is expecting even more migrants, better take some notes from New York City – on what not to do.


In Pennsylvania, voters decide, not politicians

Even as some politicians continue to sow doubt about elections, communities fight back.

From the Editor

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget the ballot initiatives next week

They’re important if you want to have a say in how city government works.


Keeping kids in the community improves public safety

Passage of a Senate bill addressing juvenile justice reform is critical to creating a just system.

From the Editor

Editor’s Note: What happens when the levies break homeowners

An argument for seriously considering doing something about the dreaded property tax.

News & Politics

The crisis with Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Pennsylvania

‘We must take measures to safeguard abortion access and reproductive health services at the statewide level.’