City & State investigates: How local governments are handling a threat they can’t even see

The proliferation of cyberattacks has prompted Pennsylvania municipalities to take extra steps to secure their systems.

Health Care

Pennsylvania is looking at a $250 million investment in long-term care

Long-term care advocates say the state budget is an ‘historic moment’ for long-term care.

Voting Rights

The misguided partisan focus on election proposals

In an op-ed, Make the Road PA’s Diana Robinson argues for greater access to the ballot box.


How Philly’s ward system works and doesn’t work – and what is being done to change it

City & State spoke with experts who offered a glimpse into this complex electoral process.

News & Politics

Despite bipartisan support, it’s unclear what’s holding up the Fairness Act in Harrisburg

As many are celebrating Pride month, LGBTQ Pennsylvanians are continuing the fight for protections from discrimination.


Lawmakers remember trailblazing Black speaker with ‘K. Leroy Irvis Day of Action’

In 1977, Irvis was the first Black man elected speaker of a state legislature since Reconstruction


Fair funding fallout

A look back at the state’s education funding trial and where the General Assembly can go from here.


Pennsylvania set to publish final carbon pricing regulation

The commonwealth would become the first major fossil fuel-producing state to enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

News & Politics

Dave White and Bill McSwain trade barbs as governor’s race intensifies

Trump statement sets off fued between the two southeastern Pennsylvania candidates

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