From the Editor

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget the ballot initiatives next week

They’re important if you want to have a say in how city government works.


Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate drops to 4.1% in September

The state unemployment rate is at its lowest level since April 2000.

Capitol Beat

‘They want to erase Philadelphia’s votes’: Krasner calls out lawmakers for impeachment probe

The Philadelphia district attorney said he wouldn’t be surprised to see an impeachment vote this month.

From the Editor

Editor’s Note: What happens when the levies break homeowners

An argument for seriously considering doing something about the dreaded property tax.

Campaigns & Elections

Can Pennsylvania erase property taxes without wiping out education?

The long, difficult and ongoing quest to reduce property taxes in Pennsylvania: A City & State analysis.

News & Politics

State senator wants to use Constitution to ban insurrectionists from office

State Sen. Art Haywood is looking to enforce an existing ban in the U.S. Constitution


Columnist Will Bunch talks higher education and how college has become a cultural flashpoint for people

In his new book, Bunch examines the political forces that drive people apart in what experts call the ‘college/non-college’ divide.


Jim Kenney’s ban on guns in parks, rec centers criticized as ‘meaningless’ amid state’s firearms laws

Even those with permits to carry could be charged with trespassing – or worse – if caught with guns in city parks.


Inside Pennsylvania’s proposed ‘Parental Bill of Rights,’ which critics are calling homophobic

The legislation would place limits on teachings of sexual orientation and gender identity in younger grades.

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The debate over debates: Oz, Fetterman continue to feud over details

Both candidates have outlined conditions they want in their first meeting.

Capitol Beat

House Democrats call for action on labor, wage issues as session end nears

After this week, House lawmakers will have six session days left before the general election


‘They are coming after you’: GOP lawmakers vow to defend gun rights at annual rally

The 17th Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms rally featured Second Amendment advocates from across Pennsylvania.


Wolf’s new executive order on voter registration, explained

Voter registration applications will now be available at more state facilities.


Wolf, lawmakers reach agreement on 2-year window for child sex abuse lawsuits

The policy will advance next year after an administrative error by the Wolf administration forced lawmakers to start over.


Pennsylvania pols react to Biden’s student loan cancellation plan

The Biden administration announced a plan to offer debt relief, drawing both praise and protest from many.