Satire/Odd News

Satire/Odd News

5 of PA politicos’ worst nightmares

Horror films that could flip the script in Harrisburg this Halloween


Legislative caucuses Pennsylvanians wish were real

City & State’s take on what caucuses the commonwealth is missing

Satire/Odd News

5 special ‘Sesame Street’ parodies in Pennsylvania

City & State decided to do a spoof on the kids’ program – so this is what happens when Sesame Street intersects with State Street.


‘Ateball,’ ‘Bosbich,’ and more rejected Pennsylvania vanity plates

From the puerile to the racist, countless personalized license plate applications are denied daily by PennDOT.

Capitol Beat

March Madness is inescapable – even in the political arena

City & State defines some terminology for you ahead of the Big Dance – and puts a commonwealth twist on it.

Satire/Odd News

How can you make an Oscar-nominated movie even better? Add more Pennsylvania to it.

Ahead of the Academy Awards this year, here are some City & State-inspired remakes of Hollywood’s best on the big screen.

Capitol Beat

From Walt Wit beer to Angus beef – here are Josh Shapiro and Jim Kenney’s major Super Bowl bets

Leaders from around Philadelphia and Kansas City are making friendly wagers ahead of the big game.

Satire/Odd News

‘Better Know A District,’ City & State style

A smattering of political chatter from around the Keystone State

Satire/Odd News

What’s in and out this year

Here’s what’s politically hot – and not – in 2023.

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Satire/Odd News

2023 & Me: Fake ‘family’ connections we wish were the real deal

We shook the state’s political family tree and came up with some fanciful findings.

Satire/Odd News

Spotify Wrapped: The PA Politics Edition

We imagined what artists and hit songs would have topped the charts in 2022.

Satire/Odd News

Thanksgiving may be over, but we’re still having fun with the holiday

Harvesting, stuffing, curing … We imagine what Pennsylvania pols are grateful for this season.

Campaigns & Elections

What October surprises could derail Pennsylvania’s biggest political runs?

City & State imagines what unexpected events could turn some of this year’s campaigns upside down.

Campaigns & Elections

Zodiac bares grisly predictions for Pennsylvania pols this November

We looked into what astrology can (maybe) tell us about Pennsylvania’s midterm elections.

Satire/Odd News

Waiting in Vain

People have been waiting more than 50 years for many projects to come to light.

Campaigns & Elections

Fetterman vs. Oz: A Tale of the Tape

In the race for U.S. Senate, you can't argue with the stats.


Introducing City & State’s Female Farmers’ Almanac

Meet the women of Pennsylvania offering useful information for city and country folk.