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Penn Board Chair Scott Bok steps down following Liz Magill’s resignation

After months of increasing scrutiny and controversy over her response to antisemitism at the Ivy League institution, Magill’s tenure came to an end via university-wide email on Saturday.


Liz Magill resigned; now comes the hard part for higher education

The now-former Penn president's exit does nothing to provide clarity on what comes next in the battle against antisemitism and for free speech.



Proposed supervised-injection legislation roils Philadelphia City Council

The bill would ban supervised injection sites from every district except one covering West and Southwest Philadelphia.

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A Q&A with Christine Todd Whitman

The longtime GOP stalwart is co-chairing a new political party looking to provide a way forward for American voters and politicians.

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GOP candidates’ implausible deniability

Whether through honest ignorance or craven opportunism, election-deniers are lying to you.

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