Dear Editor, 

In the midst of all the problems we face – COVID, gun violence destroying our young people and an economic system that continues to shut Black and Brown people out of opportunity – we continue to waste time on issues that just don't matter. 

Forensic "audits" to discover nonexistent voter fraud; or silly claims that mask-wearing somehow violates individual freedom. Or even the continuing attacks on tech companies, simply because those companies have sought to place limits on hate speech. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed a law encouraging needless civil suits against tech companies who are believed to have censored conservative voices on social media. By itself, the Texas law has little impact on Pennsylvania, but it mimics a similar bill co-sponsored in Pennsylvania by Sen. Doug Mastriano, who continues to hammer away at these controversial "wedge" issues whose primary purpose is to polarize voters.

We're elected to serve the people we represent. They don't care about trumped-up claims of election fraud or finding ways to punish big tech companies who disagree with the far right. 

The people of Pennsylvania want us to fight for them, keep them safe from violence and harm, protect them against COVID, and help them get decent jobs so that they can build better lives for themselves and their families. 

Let's get to work. 

- Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams 

Sen. Williams represents the 8th Senatorial District of Pennsylvania, which includes portions of West Philadelphia and Delaware County.