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* It's not all good news for proponents of the Philly soda tax: The Philadelphia Board of Ethics has handed down thousands in fines to pro-tax lobbying groups and individuals for infractions during the campaign.

* Via Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Controller Rebecca Rhynhart released a damning audit of the sorry state of the City of Philadelphia's sexual misconduct reporting system, as well as recommendations to ameliorate it-and the city isn't entirely on board.



* Breaking with tradition, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a PA judicial nominee over objections from US Sen. Bob Casey, the Inquirer writes.

* Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto jointly called for the legalization of recreational marijuana, asserting that it could generate upwards of $500 million in annual tax revenue, the Tribune-Review reports.

* The gubernatorial race took another turn as Gov. Tom Wolf said he would veto any legislation seeking to ban abortion in PA were Roe v. Wade to be overturned. GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner punted when asked the same question, calling it “a federal issue,” according to WHYY.

* Wagner called a teenage attendee at a campaign stop “young and naive” for questioning his past assertion that global warming was caused by body heat, the Inquirer writes.

* AG Josh Shapiro filed suit against a company that engaged in a rent-to-own style scheme that his office said “unfairly and deceptively” targeted prospective buyers, according to the Post-Gazette.

* A judge blocked a third attempt by lawmakers to move a $200 million medical malpractice insurance fund into the state’s general fund, WHYY writes.

* A state court overturned a prior order requiring Lycoming County to pay to replace a probation officer’s pants that had been torn during an arrest, the Patriot-News reports.



* The Citizen profiles Michael Rubin, the billionaire co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, and his sudden path to criminal justice reform via his friendship with rapper Meek Mill.


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KICKER: Are we here to elect a governor, or are we here to elect a scientist?” - GOP candidate Scott Wagner disses a youthful attendee at a campaign stop who had probed his skepticism of global warming. From the Inquirer.