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Spotify Wrapped: The PA Politics Edition

We imagined what artists and hit songs would have topped the charts in 2022.

City & State’s Spotify Wrapped

City & State’s Spotify Wrapped Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office; Taek-Sang Jeong, Aaronamat/Getty Images

A new annual tradition among the youngs is to look back at their Spotify Wrapped – a personal summary of your top songs, artists and genres from the past year of music streaming – and either love or hate the person you’ve become in the last 12 months. 

With that in mind, we thought we’d share our readers a glimpse into what City & State’s music taste would’ve been this year. There were some total hits – and some likely one-hit wonders. 

Top Artists

#1 Demi Wolf

#2 Motley Crudité

#3 Two Years of Summer

#4 Bob Casey and the Sunshine Band

#5 Uncle Cracker Plant

Top Songs

#1 Impeachment (Larry’s version)

#2 Financing on my Own

#3 Please Mr. Postman (Mail-in Ballad)

#4 Under the Fern Hollow Bridge

#5 Fetterman on the Moon

Top Genre

U.S. Senate race memes

Minutes Played

You spent 2,000 minutes together. You were in the top 0.1% of political meme doom scrollers this year.