Gun Control

Opinion: Why I'm working to reduce gun violence

With the new session and a new majority, I will renew my fight for legislative action.

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Opinion: The Sixers have a new process, and they’re trying to rush it

The pace at which 76 Place is pushing through is needlessly hurried and Philadelphians deserve answers.

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Editor’s Note: There is a fraught but feasible path to finding common ground between community and commerce

When it comes to 76 Place, the next mayor of Philadelphia should take some sound advice and “trust the process.”


Opinion: Dems are determined to stop voter ID, even if it comes at the expense of their top legislative goal

Let voters decide on the constitutional amendments instead of wasting time and resources on the dysfunction in Harrisburg.


Opinion: Sex education is the elephant in our classrooms

Outdated curriculums, erratic guidelines and unenforceable state standards contribute to Pennsylvania's educational shortcomings.

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Editor’s Note: Pennsylvania politicians must do more to combat the opioid epidemic

U.S. Rep. Madeleine Dean’s story is a testament to overcoming incredible odds.


Opinion: PA has a cost of living crisis. Let local leaders help.

State lawmakers should eliminate a preemption on local minimum wage increases.

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Editor's Note: The Temple graduate student strike exposes educational fault lines

This has proven to be the most contentious and fractured fight in the union’s 30-year history.

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Editor’s Note: Philadelphia could use a lesson in school board transparency

A mayor-appointed BOE gives the impression that board members are beholden to the mayor and his interests.

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Opinion: State laws can prevent tragedies without penalizing responsible gun owners.

Gun violence has permeated so much of our society that we are becoming numb to it.

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Passing voter ID can help restore trust in elections

An argument for why lawmakers owe it to their constituents to put the voter ID amendment on the ballot.

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Editor’s Note: It’s not too late for Mark Rozzi to keep his promises to the people

With the start of a new year, the powerful in Pennsylvania still have a chance to change.

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Philadelphia mayoral candidates: Listen to the city’s Muslim community

It’s a solid voting bloc capable of wielding great influence this election cycle.

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Editor’s Note: Looking back, looking forward

A 2022 to remember – and build on in the coming year.

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Supreme Court case on state legislatures could have ‘devastating consequences’

This week the nation’s high court will hear Moore v. Harper, a case examining independent state legislature theory.