Future of Education Special Report


A Q&A with Khalid Mumin

The Pennsylvania Education Secretary talks about what it wil take to make the state a leader in all things education.


A Q&A with Kyle Kopko

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania Executive Director discusses the state and future of rural education


A Q&A with Dave Argall

The Republican state senator and chair of the chamber’s education committee discusses the education funding trial and the state’s path forward


PA Legislators Must Heed Court Decision in School Funding Lawsuit

Public Schools Need Adequacy Targets and Full Funding For All Students to Succeed


Colleges and their students register the need for course correction

With the economy and needs changing in classrooms and administrations alike, stakeholders want to make sure colleges and universities adapt with them.


State public education funding’s teachable moment

Following the landmark ruling that the state's public education funding system is unconstitutional, state lawmakers are learning just how difficult it will be to change it.

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