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New year, new bills: 10 proposals by state lawmakers coming next legislative session

Ban TikTok? Ban legislators from owning taxpayer-funded cars? These measures and more are on the table.

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Allegheny County is moving ahead with special elections for vacant state House seats

A spokesperson said the county will hold elections in February barring any court decisions.

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Cutler is sworn in as GOP leader in latest chapter of House leadership struggle

Cutler said he will schedule special elections for vacant seats – McClinton said she would do that last week.

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Legislative agency says Democrats lack a majority in the Pennsylvania House

House GOP leader Bryan Cutler's office sought an opinion from the Legislative Reference Bureau.

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Tug of war for control of state House intensifies

Democrats say precedent makes Joanna McClinton the chamber’s presiding officer, but GOP leaders are accusing Democrats of an improper power grab.

Capitol Beat

Austin Davis resigns from state House to focus on transition to lieutenant governor

Davis is one of two state representatives who resigned Wednesday.


Thanksgiving may be over, but we’re still having fun with the holiday

Harvesting, stuffing, curing … We imagine what Pennsylvania pols are grateful for this season.

Capitol Beat

Senate Republicans say they will begin Krasner impeachment process next week

Republican lawmakers are aiming to hold the impeachment trial in January.

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House Republicans end session with new leaders and a bone to pick with Democrats

Republicans chose new party leaders for the first time since losing their majority in the midterms.

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Shapiro begins gubernatorial transition

The Democratic governor-elect announced three transition appointments and shed light on his future as attorney general.

Campaigns & Elections

Senate lawmakers elect new caucus leaders for 2023-24 session. Here’s who they are.

Kim Ward is elected president pro tempore, while Joe Pittman takes over as majority leader.

Campaigns & Elections

Here’s what Doug Mastriano said – and didn’t say – in his concession speech

Mastriano wished Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro well and said the state is in need of election law changes.

Campaigns & Elections

5 storylines to follow in the wake of Pennsylvania’s midterm elections

A recap of some of the major themes coming out of Election Day.

Campaigns & Elections

Democrats claim they’ve flipped the state House blue

It would be the first time Democrats have taken control of the House in more than a decade.

Campaigns & Elections

Here are Harrisburg’s closest House and Senate races to watch on Tuesday

City & State highlights how new legislative districts could play a role in deciding the 2023 General Assembly.

Capitol Beat

Wolf signs $2 billion tax credit package that boosts natural gas industry

The bill was negotiated behind closed doors and drew ire from both sides of the aisle.