Interviews & Profiles

Interviews & Profiles

Community. Safety. Education. One Reading nonprofit is working to build all three.

Michael Toledo, who leads Centro Hispano, says his organization provides a safety net for people in the Latino community.


Columnist Will Bunch talks higher education and how college has become a cultural flashpoint for people

In his new book, Bunch examines the political forces that drive people apart in what experts call the ‘college/non-college’ divide.

Ask the Experts

Polling the pollsters

A guide to understanding political polls.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Austin Davis

The Democratic lieutenant governor nominee is gearing up for one of the midterm election’s marquee races.


A Q&A with John J. Dougherty

The longtime labor leader and controversial kingmaker reflects on what it took to get to the top – and where he goes from here.

Interviews & Profiles

‘A one-stop shop for home repairs:’ Nikil Saval talks up Dems’ $125M new program

Saval’s Whole-Home Repairs Program was included in this year’s state budget.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with House Agriculture Committee Executive Director Kerry Golden

Agriculture is so much more than growing crops and rearing animals.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Doug Mastriano’s running mate Carrie Lewis DelRosso

The GOP nominee for lieutenant governor talks with City & State about her first bid for statewide office.

Interviews & Profiles

Working behind the scenes: A Q&A with attorney Adam Bonin

The Philly lawyer talks about his work in election law and the likelihood of major lawsuits in 2022.

Interviews & Profiles

Jim Kenney opens up about his proudest moments in office – and his biggest mistakes

In an exclusive interview, Philly’s mayor talks soda tax, gun violence, COVID-19 and his plans for the future.

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Economic Development

A Q&A with Zach Wilcha of the Independence Business Alliance

Wilcha, also a chamber of commerce leader, explains how Philly and the state can better support businesses within the LGBTQ community.


Exit Interviews: Part 5: Fred Keller, The Builder

First elected to office in 2011, Keller spent more than 25 years in the manufacturing industry.

Interviews & Profiles

Exit Interviews Part 4: Mike Doyle, The Dean

First elected to office in 1994, Doyle is often referred to as ‘The Dean’ in the General Assembly

Interviews & Profiles

Exit Interviews Part 3: Jake Corman, The Leader

First elected in 1999, the state Senate President quit the governor’s race and soon will leave public office altogether


Exit Interviews Part 2: Tom Wolf, The Backstop

Wolf’s veto pen has often been the only thing stopping bills passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Pennsylvania Health Care Association President and CEO Zach Shamberg

This long-term care advocate says workforce shortage threatens access to care for aging residents