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A Q&A with Chris Deluzio, one of Pennsylvania’s newest members of Congress

The Democrat talks with City & State about his first few months in office, the looming debt limit debate and labor relations in Pittsburgh.

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Derek Green has a family-focused approach to running for mayor of Philadelphia

The former City Councilmember says his parenting and political experience drives his campaign for the city’s 100th mayor.

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A Q&A with Admiral Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s former Secretary of Health

The U.S. assistant secretary for health addresses the opioid crisis, PA’s COVID-19 response and more.


Women who inspire: history lessons from Pennsylvania politicos

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, female leaders from across the state share who they’ve admired.

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‘Pragmatic progressive’ Maria Quiñones Sánchez on finding her niche in a crowded Philly mayor’s race

The former City Councilmember won four terms in office without support from Democratic party leaders.

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Q&A with U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

The Republican congressman talked about bipartisanship, spy balloons and how to reform Washington.

Philadelphia Mayor's Race 2023

Rebecca Rhynhart is running to be Philly’s 100th mayor – the first female to lead the city

The former city controller has made her mastery of the city’s finances a leading message throughout her campaign.

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A Q&A with state Sen. Sharif Street

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair discussed constitutional amendments in Harrisburg and much more.


The making of K. Leroy Irvis, the nation’s first Black speaker of the House

His legacy lives on as the architect of important programs – and as a consensus builder who united the chamber in trying times.

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A Q&A with Allegheny County’s Rich Fitzgerald

The term-limited county executive goes over his last 12 years in office – and what’s next for him.

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A Q&A with U.S. Rep. Susan Wild

She discusses her narrow victory, her priorities for the new term and working across the aisle.

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Dana Brown is elevating women’s voices in politics, one student at a time

The head of Chatham University’s Center for Women and Politics took a shell of an operation and gave it life.

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‘People need to wake up’: An interview with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Matt Hackenburg

Hackenburg advocates for smaller government and stresses the importance of spreading libertarian ideals.

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Community. Safety. Education. One Reading nonprofit is working to build all three.

Michael Toledo, who leads Centro Hispano, says his organization provides a safety net for people in the Latino community.


Columnist Will Bunch talks higher education and how college has become a cultural flashpoint for people

In his new book, Bunch examines the political forces that drive people apart in what experts call the ‘college/non-college’ divide.

Ask the Experts

Polling the pollsters

A guide to understanding political polls.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with Austin Davis

The Democratic lieutenant governor nominee is gearing up for one of the midterm election’s marquee races.