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Pennsylvania’s innovation economy: powered by Ben Franklin

The technology-based economic development program serves all 67 Pennsylvania counties

Economic Development

Improving economic development in PA continues to face hurdles

Everyone – Republicans, Democrats, the private sector – agrees it’s crucial to the stature’s short-term and long-term success. But there is precious little agreement on how to make it happen.


Future tense: The Shapiro administration tries to plan the state economy over the next decade

How the administration’s new economic development strategy can impact the state’s outlook depends on who’s doing the talking.


A Q&A with PA Secretary of State Al Schmidt

The commonwealth’s chief elections officer discusses AI and its impact on election operations, among other concerns.

Special Reports

A Q&A with state Sen. Tracy Pennycuick

The Communications & Technology Committee chair speaks about the future of AI in the government space

Special Reports

Bob Casey talks ‘robot bosses’ and the need to regulate AI

Pennsylvania’s senior senator discusses the challenges posed by artificial intelligence and who should be responsible for regulating it.

Special Reports

How AI is poised to impact government – and vice versa

The future is now – and the public and private sector are both working together and at cross-purposes to meet the moment

Special Reports

The battle to deep-six the deepfake threat to elections levels up

Officials are racing to outflank misinformation agents and their metastasizing use of artificial intelligence.

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Special Reports

Q&A with Shannon Munro

The vice president for workforce development at the Pennsylvania College of Technology discusses what’s next for workforce development.

Special Reports

Q&A with Malik Brown

The president and CEO of Graduate! Philadelphia discusses best practices for workforce development.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with state Sen. Devlin Robinson

The chair of the state Senate Labor & Industry Committee discusses workforce development efforts.

Capitol Beat

Q&A with PA Chief Transformation and Opportunity Officer Ben Kirshner

The head of the state’s newest office speaks on efforts to bring businesses to the commonwealth


A Q&A with L&I Secretary Nancy Walker

City & State speaks with Walker on workforce challenges across the state

Special Reports

A Q&A with state Rep. Jason Dawkins

The chair of the House Labor & Industry Committee discusses workforce priorities

Special Reports

The race to ensure PA remains an innovation hub

With other states fast encroaching on its turf, a new commitment to being business- and workforce development-friendly is the order of the day across the commonwealth.

Special Reports

Alternatives to college are creating a new career pipeline

An increasing number of substitutes for four-year colleges are preparing students for well-paying, in-demand careers.