Special Reports

Special Reports

The battle to deep-six the deepfake threat to elections levels up

Officials are racing to outflank misinformation agents and their metastasizing use of artificial intelligence.

Special Reports

Q&A with Shannon Munro

The vice president for workforce development at the Pennsylvania College of Technology discusses what’s next for workforce development.

Special Reports

Q&A with Malik Brown

The president and CEO of Graduate! Philadelphia discusses best practices for workforce development.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with state Sen. Devlin Robinson

The chair of the state Senate Labor & Industry Committee discusses workforce development efforts.

Capitol Beat

Q&A with PA Chief Transformation and Opportunity Officer Ben Kirshner

The head of the state’s newest office speaks on efforts to bring businesses to the commonwealth


A Q&A with L&I Secretary Nancy Walker

City & State speaks with Walker on workforce challenges across the state

Special Reports

A Q&A with state Rep. Jason Dawkins

The chair of the House Labor & Industry Committee discusses workforce priorities

Special Reports

The race to ensure PA remains an innovation hub

With other states fast encroaching on its turf, a new commitment to being business- and workforce development-friendly is the order of the day across the commonwealth.

Special Reports

Alternatives to college are creating a new career pipeline

An increasing number of substitutes for four-year colleges are preparing students for well-paying, in-demand careers.

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