2022 Transportation Summit

2022 Transportation Summit

2022 Transportation Summit

Developing and Enhancing Transportation Systems Throughout Pennsylvania

As the world changed with the pandemic, the transit system changed with it. There were more cars, bikes and scooters on the road, making the need for infrastructure investment even more apparent. Now, with federal funding coming to the state, we expect to see massive improvements to Pennsylvania’s roads, bridges, and public transportation options, as well as more focus on sustainability and innovation.

As Pennsylvanians are slowly returning to their daily commutes, what will this look like from a transportation perspective? This full-day, in-person summit will bring together experts across sectors to assess the current state of Pennsylvania’s transportation systems, break down recent legislative actions, and look towards the future of all things coming and going in Pennsylvania.

Join the conversation with our Keynote Speaker and 3 panel discussions:

  1. Building Efficient & Sustainable Transportation Systems in PA
  2. Infrastructure Funding for Pennsylvania’s Roads & Bridges
  3. Safety, Innovation, & the Future of Transportation in PA

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